Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bee's Zippered Weekender Tote and Artist Brush Rollup Set

This set was a Mother's Day gift for a friend of mine's mom. Bee loves orange, yellow, and green and I love working with this citrus inspired color palette. Especially on gloomy days!

Close up...

View from the top

Inside there are lots of customized pockets and a swivel hook for keys.

This is the Artist Brush Rollup. The overall size was customized to Bee's needs.

Individual pockets are ready to slide brushes into.

Rollup Exterior

I also made a quilt for Bee's birthday in February using a very similar color palette. It's difficult to find bedding in Bee's favorite colors and I was happy to create something unique for her.

You'll get a glimpse of my gift wrap and ribbon wall in the next photo.

Close up!

I was "photo bombed" very often by Brewster during the impromptu photo shoot of this quilt in my craft room.
Do your pets "help" you with your hobbies too?

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