Friday, July 27, 2012

Skylar's Star Wristlet

Stacy has two weekender and wristlet sets (orange/green/browns and purples/blues/black) but now it is her daughter Skylar's turn!

This wristlet was created for her Sweet Sixteen but Sky was very involved in the design and she approved the fabric selected. The final result was a surprise for her.

She had a specific idea involving a concentric star look with purple, blue, and green....

Oh and the guidance that purple can touch blue, blue can touch green and green cannot touch purple. Got it? :)

Let's look at the back...I love the turquoise accents with the dark purple...

Dragonfly Weekender Tote Bag and Wristlet Set for Stacy

Stacy's wanted a second weekender and wristlet set for a trip to California. Her first set was in oranges, greens and browns and that tote had an open top. This time the tote's top is zippered and she also has a matching cross body strap than can be attached to either the tote or the wristlet like Nicky's preppy set.

The purple Moda dragonfly fabric was the inspiration for the bags...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cruise Weekender Tote Bag and Wristlet Set for Tracy

Tracy went on a fabulous cruise last month and wanted custom bags for the special trip. She mentioned the colors purple, aqua and white and that became my inspiration for creating her matching weekender tote bag and wristlet set. Both bags are quilted and very sturdy.

Let's take a closer look at the wristlet...

Preppy Weekender Tote and Wristlet for Nicky

Nicky was looking for a small bag with a comfortable cross body strap for a motorcycle trip and couldn't find what she was looking for anywhere. She wanted to keep the overall size compact and have it fall on a certain spot at her hip.

After chatting about what colors and patterns Nicky prefers, I immediately thought of the Moda Cape Ann fabrics by Oliver & S. I mixed that collection with a brown that has a subtle tone on tone swirly pattern that adds nice texture.

Let's take a closer look at the wristlet...

Car Seat quilts for Nora, Madelynn and Sawyer

Car seat quilts are very handy because they can't be kicked off by the baby or blown away by the wind. The ~25" x 30" quilt size with long ties is easy to attach to handles on a stroller, shopping cart, car seat, bouncy seat, etc. You could also use it as a play mat or even a changing pad in a pinch.

I recently made one for baby Madelynn in purple and aqua with bright yellow accents.

The car seat quilts are reversible...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part 5 Alyssa Grey's baby clothes quilt - Finished!

Alyssa's quilt is done! It's hard to get the whole thing in one photo so I"ll share a bunch.

Part 4 Alyssa Grey's baby clothes quilt

Part 1 - Prep, prep, prep

It's time to sandwich, quilt, and bind. We're in the home stretch!

This is a very generously sized 86"x86" quilt. Now full disclosure...It was far too big to spread out, sandwich, quilt, and bind in my sewing room. Jacob arranged for me to use the board room at his office. Yay!

Now we'll skip ahead to the quilt sandwich that is pinned and ready for, well, quilting. Plus this will give you a look at some of the blocks...

Part 3 Alyssa Grey's baby clothes quilt

When Karen and I talked about creating the quilt for Alyssa, she wanted it to honor her childhood memories but also capture Alyssa's present. She's a member of the Windham Chamber Singers and went on their New York tour while I was working on the quilt. Alyssa sweetly got her mom a tour shirt which Karen prompted gave me to add to the quilt.

My husband and one of his sisters were Windham Chamber Singers when they were in high school so it was a neat little connection. I designed the quilt back with Alyssa's love of music in mind. Karen and I had also talked about including Alyssa's first and middle names on the quilt and I had decided to put it on the back.

I don't have any photos of the quilt back piecing in progress so here it is put together...this is part of the bottom half of the quilt back. The tour t-shirt pieces are in the middle of the back. I used several different music fabrics and a black and white star print.

A straight on shot of the center...

Part 2 Alyssa Grey's baby clothes quilt

Now it's time to put the quilt top together!

At the end of Part 1, I had stacks of block pieces ready to sew. I didn't take any photos of the in-progress block piecing work but I have some from putting together the quilt top.

I squared up the finished blocks to ensure each was 12.5" and then I laid them out. It took a few hours of moving blocks around to decide on the final layout. I took photos and auditioned blocks in different spots. I ended up naming each block and then created an excel workbook to keep track of the final quilt top layout.

Next each block was labeled with its applicable column/row location within the quilt top's design...

Part 1 Alyssa Grey's baby clothes quilt

Part 1 - Prep, prep, prep

When I met up with Stacy in mid-april to deliver her weekender tote bag, I also met Stacy's friend Karen. Karen wanted to secretly have a quilt created out of Alyssa childhood's clothing for a very special high school graduation gift and I was up for the challenge. Karen created a cover story for why she was giving me a rubbermaid tub full of clothes. I double checked that she was certain I could cut anything up for the quilt and she assured me it was ok. She and Alyssa had gone through the clothes together and Alyssa had already pulled out a few things she wanted to save for her own kiddos to use some day.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo of the big pile of clothes until after I had started deconstructing some items. But here's a lot of it...

I had about 6 weeks until Alyssa's graduation party and I already had some other projects in-progress to finish scattered about my sewing room. This lead to me taking over the living room so I could create a dedicated baby clothes quilt preparation room. I knew the clothing deconstruction and cutting process would take time and I'd need space to organize everything. Our dining room table and an ironing board were in the living room for several weeks but Jacob is patient and is accustomed to my whims...

Quilts for Nora and Logan

Here's a peek at Logan's quilt...

Let's start with the crib quilt that I made a few months ago for baby Nora. I was so excited to give her parents this sweet quilt that I forgot to take photos of it ahead of time but I do have one of her with it which is even better...   :)

Summer Weekender Tote Bag and Wristlet Set for Martha

Martha likes using a small bag for nights out on the town. This slim wristlet can also be clipped to the inside of her tote for safekeeping.

The wristlet fabric was the inspiration for the matching weekender tote bag.

Inside the wristlet...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bee's Zippered Weekender Tote and Artist Brush Rollup Set

This set was a Mother's Day gift for a friend of mine's mom. Bee loves orange, yellow, and green and I love working with this citrus inspired color palette. Especially on gloomy days!

Close up...

Summer Weekender Tote Bag and Wristlet Set for Stacy

Let's start with the glamour shots of the Weekender's exterior...

Another one...


Hello. Meet Daisy.

I completed this quilt last fall. I started sewing again because I needed a creative outlet and it's therapeutic for me. The end result of my day job is virtual so after work I like creating real things that can be held and used...

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