Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Car Seat quilts for Nora, Madelynn and Sawyer

Car seat quilts are very handy because they can't be kicked off by the baby or blown away by the wind. The ~25" x 30" quilt size with long ties is easy to attach to handles on a stroller, shopping cart, car seat, bouncy seat, etc. You could also use it as a play mat or even a changing pad in a pinch.

I recently made one for baby Madelynn in purple and aqua with bright yellow accents.

The car seat quilts are reversible...

I made the letters a little wonky so it'd be more playful.

I especially love the Moda dragonfly print.

For the ties on each side, I made a fabric tie (same fabric as quilt biding) and a ribbon strip (two layers stacked and sewed together).

I placed the ties 10-12" from the end of the quilt so the applique would show and be right side up when the top of the quilt is flipped down. Like this...

Now flipped the other way. Too bad I don't have a car seat to demonstrate with!

A few months ago, I used scraps from Nora's crib quilt to make Nora a matching car seat quilt.

Car Seat quilt front

Car Seat quilt back

Then, I used some fabrics leftover from Logan's play quilt to make a car seat quilt for Sawyer. It was a last minute gift so I made it during a couple weeknights after work.

Quilt top

I love the striped bindings and ties!

Quilt Back

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