Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part 3 Alyssa Grey's baby clothes quilt

When Karen and I talked about creating the quilt for Alyssa, she wanted it to honor her childhood memories but also capture Alyssa's present. She's a member of the Windham Chamber Singers and went on their New York tour while I was working on the quilt. Alyssa sweetly got her mom a tour shirt which Karen prompted gave me to add to the quilt.

My husband and one of his sisters were Windham Chamber Singers when they were in high school so it was a neat little connection. I designed the quilt back with Alyssa's love of music in mind. Karen and I had also talked about including Alyssa's first and middle names on the quilt and I had decided to put it on the back.

I don't have any photos of the quilt back piecing in progress so here it is put together...this is part of the bottom half of the quilt back. The tour t-shirt pieces are in the middle of the back. I used several different music fabrics and a black and white star print.

A straight on shot of the center...

The black fabric I used for the appliqued letters has subtle clefs printed on it and I was thrilled when Alyssa noticed that touch. :)

Here are some closeups of the tour shirt. BTW, I pre-washed and stablized it before adding it to the quilt.

Next time we'll add batting, make the quilt sandwich, and bind the quilt!

Oh and you'll see the entire quilt back's layout later. Promise!

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