Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cruise Weekender Tote Bag and Wristlet Set for Tracy

Tracy went on a fabulous cruise last month and wanted custom bags for the special trip. She mentioned the colors purple, aqua and white and that became my inspiration for creating her matching weekender tote bag and wristlet set. Both bags are quilted and very sturdy.

Let's take a closer look at the wristlet...

The purple wristlet bracelet photographs kind of blue but in person it matches the darker purple in the fabric perfectly.

I really liked the combo of the purple and gray. Inside the wristlet...

Nicely lined up side seams on the tote bag exterior

Lots and lots of pockets inside! Tracy and I sized the pockets to the items she planned to take with her around on the ship and on excursions.

Swivel hook for keys or she can also clip her wristlet to the inside of her tote.

Extra long and comfy handles plus loop and button closure.

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